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Electric Underfloor Heating Huddersfield

Underfloor Heating Plus are professional installers and suppliers of Raychem electric underfloor heating Huddersfield. We supply the whole of the UK.



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Underfloor Heating Plus are approved Raychem installers of electric underfloor heating Huddersfield. All products have a unique warranty on them. In the unlikely event your product should prove to be faulty Raychem guarantee that the product will be replaced if it can not be repaired. This guarantee also includes the repair or replacement of your floor coverings and any other work affected by the fault, such as damage to brickwork or sub-floors.

As approved installers for Raychem electric underfloor heating systems, Underfloor Heating Plus can extend the warranty by Up to 20 Years.

The Total Care Warranty is valid in all European and CIS countries and covers all defective Raychem floor heating systems. It only is valid if:

  • 1. The products are installed by a qualified electrician according to applicable rules and regulations, and in accordance with our installation instructions.
    2. The warranty registration form is completed and signed by the electrician.
    3. The registration form is kept by the property owner, together with photographs and/or sketches from the installation.
    4. For the 20 years to apply the installation must be done by a Certified Pro installer and it must be registered online. We’ll have the right response for each situation. We…
    Repair or replace the Products – free.
    Restore the floor to the equivalent standard – free.
    For thermostats, the warranty is limited to the supply of a new product for 12 years.

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Underfloor Heating Plus supply Raychem electric underfloor heating Huddersfield:

  • Mats.
  • Cables.
  • Thermostats.
  • Accessories.
  • Frost Protection.
  • DIY Water Frost Protection Kits.
Racyhem Greenleaf Thermostat

Racyhem Greenleaf Thermostat

t2-red-on-spool1- cyclone

Raychem T2 Red electric underfloor heating cable

raychem t2 quicknet no therm - cyclone

Raychem T2 Quicknet Mats










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