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Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric Underfloor Heating

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 Electric Underfloor Heating from Raychem.


Electric Underfloor heating is easy to use, comfortable and efficient. Running costs are a lot lower than you would think due to advanced energy saving control systems. No need for maintenance, or expensive servicing costs.

The perfect solution for small and large rooms a like. It is unobtrusive, with no ugly heaters to take up space in your home and prevent the arrangement of your furniture or other design features.

electric underfloor heating from Underfloor Heating Plus Ltd



 Quick and easy to install within a few hours, electric underfloor heating provides a comfortable warmth. Heat is evenly spread. As it naturally rises, there are no draughts or cold spots. Traditional radiator systems throw heat out at head height. The heat then travels further up to the roof where it lingers until it cools and falls down. This results in cold draughts around your feet.

Underfloor heating gently warms the whole floor surface at a low temperature, unlike radiators which heat one area of the room intensely. This can produce an uncomfortable stuffy atmosphere and promotes heat loss through walls, ceilings, windows and roofs, resulting in wasted energy and money. 

Electric Underfloor heating:

  • Provides invisible comfort and safety.
  • Can be placed directly underneath any floor covering, from tiles to wood or laminate.
  • Is Ideal for larger floor areas.
  • Offers ultimate flexibility; tight corners or add shaped rooms are no problem at all.
  • Ideal for renovation projects as it can be laid directly on top of existing floor coverings, with no need to dig up the floor.
  • Less air movement means less dust.
  • Ideal for new builds.
  • Easy to plan and install.


Safe & simple on-line ordering at Underfloor Heating Plus. All Electric underfloor heating mats, cables and accessories are delivered within 1-5 working days in the United Kingdom. 





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