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T2 Red Cable – The cost effective system

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Raychem T2 Red Cable

Raychem T2 Red is a self-regulating underfloor heating cable for reduced height installation. The cable can be installed under any type of floor surface without a risk of overheating. This includes under carpets with the appropriate tog rating. (According to Which? a tog of no more than 1.5 is a general rule of thumb). The intelligent heating cable is ideal for improving living comfort in the entire house, from bathroom to children’s rooms.

  • Easy to design:         One heating cable for all shapes of rooms.
  • Flexible:                      Cut-to-length, no cold lead needed
  • Ideal for renovation:  Reduced height (max. 8mm)

We recommend that the Raychem T2 Red cable is used in conjunction with T2 Red Reflecta insulation board to optimise the heat efficiency. This guarantees a uniform temperature level across the room and an extremely fast heat up and reduced heat-loss. The aluminium layer and insulation of the T2 Reflecta minimises downward heat loss and provides heat faster.

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Living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, children’s rooms, conservatories:

  • Top floor: Tiles, parquet, natural stone, laminate, carpet*
  • Subfloor: Cement screed, anhydrite screed, wooden floor, gypsum board, timber floor board, asphalt screed.

* must be suitable for underfloor heating. (Maximum resistance to heat transfer 0.15 W/m2k)

Self-regulating technology

Self-regulating cables automatically adjust their power output to compensate for temperature changes. (More heat where it is required e.g. close to window…, less under rugs, furniture…) It cannot overheat.

The outer jacket, braid and inner jacket provide mechanical, chemical and electrical protection. The conductive core is extruded over the two parallel conductors and as the ambient temperature drops:

  • The core contracts microscopically and the number of electrical paths through the core increases. More heat is produced.
  • Conversely, as the ambient temperature rises, the core expands and has fewer electrical paths. Less heat is, therefore, produced.

The self-regulating heating cable adjusts its power output along its entire length. This makes it a safe, reliable and economical solution for many applications.



Raychem T2 Red has been certified by leading manufacturers of wooden flooring.

Parquet and laminate floors expand and contract depending on the humidity and temperature. Raychem T2 Red heating cable heats up slowly to ensure that the wooden flooring is not damaged by abrupt temperature changes. Once the desired operating temperature is reached, the T2 Red and Reflecta system provides a uniform heat distribution across the entire floor.

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Additional Components available to order:

  • T2 Red Connection and End Seal Kit. For use with T2 Red heating cable to terminate end of cable. 1 required per 100m of T2 red.
  • Raychem T2 Reflecta and adhesives
t2 reflecta l t2 red

Raychem T2 Reflecta

t2 red connection and end seal kit

T2 Red connection and end seal kit




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How much cable to order.

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For information on T2 Red installation guide and further information on the quantities you require please click below for the Raychem Handbook

Raychem Handbook


Technical data

Power Output 50 – 100 W/m2 (5 -15 W/m)*
Voltage AC 230 V
Maximum Heating Cable Circuit Length 100 m @ 10 A
Max. Self-generating temperature 45?C
Max. Exposure temperature 65?C
Min. Bending Radius 35mm
Max. Dimensions (width and height) 6,0 mm x 8.7 mm
* depending on the cable spacing/floor construction and covering. Values stated in stable conditions at 25?C floor temperature