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Raychem Greenleaf Thermostat

Raychem Greenleaf

Raychem Greenleaf Thermostat




No one likes to spend a fortune on electricity. That’s why the Raychem underfloor heating systems are designed to minimise electricity costs.

The Raychem Greenleaf Thermostat has a contemporary look and feel. The thermostat is an “in wall” mounted programmable thermostat for electrical floor heating.

It can be used with following floor heating systems:

  •  T2QuickNet 90 W/m² and 160 W/m²
  •  T2Red – Self-regulating heating cable
  •  T2Blue 10 W/m² and T2Blue 20 W/m² floor heating cables
  • CeraPro thin floor heating cable

The Raychem Greenleaf thermostat has:

• Large and clear display.
• Easy navigation.
• The same button is used for changing programmes, for saving values and for turning off the Green Leaf thermostat.
• Built-in 4 event programmable function.

house1    house2  house3  house4

3 operation modes

– Standard Comfort mode (1 temperature set point- manual on/off).
– Editable program (4 temperature and time periods per day).
– Holiday mode (standby).
• Retrofit- compatible with other Raychem floor sensor cables e.g. NRG-Temp. This makes it easy to upgrade your existing Raychem thermostat.
• Optimum heat management with 2 sensors (ambient & floor sensor)
• Reliable thermostat backed up with 12-20 years total care warranty

Raychem Greenleaf Thermostat l raychem greenleaf

Raychem Greenleaf Thermostat

Technical data for the Raychem Greenleaf Thermostat:

• Supply voltage: 230V (+10% / -15%) – 50 Hz
• Relay output: maximum 13A
• IP 20
• Floor sensor (external sensor)
1. With 3 metre cable
2. Type NTC 10K @ 25°C
3. Compatible with existing Raychem NRG floor sensor
• Internal room sensor

CE approved according to the norms EN 60730-1, EN 60730-2-9
RoHS compliant
WEEE compliant.

 The Raychem Greenleaf Box includes:

• The thermostat
• The external floor sensor
• The adaptor frame
• 2 fixing screws
• The instruction manual



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