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Heartbleed Bug




Please see below for information on the Heartbleed Bug.

Please be assured that Underfloor Heating Plus website is NOT affected by the Heartbleed bug. You may order securely from our website.


As reported in the mass media this week, a vulnerability in OpenSSL has been discovered and disclosed, which endangers the security of data transferred over an SSL/TLS encrypted connection on the Internet. The vulnerability – named the Heartbleed Bug – is a programming mistake affecting certain versions of OpenSSL. As many websites use SSL, this is a significant vulnerability, because it means private information such as keys and passwords can be exposed, without the protection of encryption.

Underfloor Heating Plus server runs a version of OpenSSL which does not contain this vulnerability. 

However, since many other sites across the internet may be vulnerable, as an extra precaution, we suggest that you change your password for every online account that you have access to. This is always good practice and we further suggest that you continue to change your passwords on a regular basis.