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Raychem CeraPro

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Raychem CeraPro.

Raychem CeraPro

Raychem CeraPro Ultra-thin electrical underfloor heating cable for tiles.

The Raychem CeraPro electric underfloor heating cable is suited for renovation projects where the cable is installed directly in tile adhesive or in a thin layer of levelling compound.

The constant wattage cable exists in pre-terminated lengths (with output from 160-1140W) to cover 1 to 11m² floor surfaces.

Raychem CeraPro product sizing guide.

Key benefits:

  • Easy installation.
    • Loose wire -ideal for small & irregular floor plans.
    • Tape, mesh & glue stick fixing method ( included in box).
    • Pre-terminated with power cable.
    • Easy packaging with spool for fast installation.
    • Only 3mm thick.
  • Flexible power output :  closer loops= higher output,  wider loops= lower output (100-150W/m²).
  • For use under ceramic tiles & natural stone.
  • Can be installed on cement screed & concrete sub-floors.
  • Can be used on top of Isolecta insulation boards.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Reliable system backed up with 12-20 years total care warranty.

For timber sub-floors space the cable at 110mm to produce 100w/m2.

For concrete and insulation board covered sub-floors space the cable at 75mm to produce 150w/m2.

Raychem recommend the installation of insulation boards underneath the heating cable for efficient use of their products.

No thermostat included.

CeraPro Cable             Power output          Heater cable length          Power cable length

160W                            14.0m                                  3m

                                      240W                            21.5m                                  3m

320W                             28.0m                                  3m

400W                             35.0m                                  3m

475W                             43.0m                                  3m

635W                             57.0m                                  3m

800W                             71.0m                                  3m

1140W                           100m                                   3m




Raychem CeraPro

raychem cerapro

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