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T2 QuickNet 90 Underfloor Heating Mat

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 Raychem T2 Quicknet

t2 quicknet


The T2 QuickNet electric underfloor heating mat is suitable for new builds and especially for renovations. At only 3mm thick the product is particularly suited for use under ceramic tiles or natural stone. The T2 Quicknet mat exists in different power outputs (90 and 160W/m²) and lengths (from 1m² to 12m²).

Key benefits to the T2 Quicknet:

    • Extra thin: only 3mm.
    • Ease of installation.
    • self-adhesive mat for fast installation.
    • no need for return cable.
    • embedded directly in tile adhesive, right underneath the tiles.
    • mat simply needs to be rolled out.
    • Flexible.
    • can be installed on all well insulated sub-floors.
    • can be used on top of Isolecta insulation boards.
    • can be used in shower areas (wet rooms).
    • many sizes available, even for smallest rooms.
    • Reliable.
    • no maintenance required.
    • backed up with 12-20 years total care warranty.

With one cold lead (dual wire system), the T2 Quicknet is ideal as direct underfloor heating for embedding in tile adhesive or filler underneath the top floor. Maximum construction height including tiles is 15mm.

For rooms with a complicated shape, unlike may other heating mats, the cable can be easily loosened from the net to cover all heating areas.


The T2 Quicknet 90 is suitable for well insulated floors and for complementary heating.

The Quicknet 160 is suitable for fast heat up and poorly insulated sub-floors.


No thermostat supplied with the T2 Quicknet, please choose from the contemporary Greenleaf thermostat or NRG thermostat

greenleaf thermostat        raychem nrg-temp





Technical Details for the T2 Quicknet.

                                                       T2QuickNet 90      T2QuickNet 160
Nominal voltage 230 VAC               230 VAC
Nominal Power output 90W/m               160W/m
Mat sizes 1-12m²               1-10m²
Heating cable fluopolymer               fluopolymer
Maximum exposure temperature 90°C               120°C
Approvals / Certifications VDE, CE, SEMKO               VDE, CE
Circuit breaker 13Amp – Max heating surface 33m² 13Amp – Max heating surface 18m²


T2QuickNet Plus 90 pack.

                                        Surface Dimension                                          Power                            Reference number
T2QuickNet-1.0             1 m2      0.5 m x 2 m                                         90 W                             6012-8171051
T2QuickNet-1.5             1.5 m2   0.5 m x 3 m                                        135 W                            6012-8171052
T2QuickNet-2.0             2 m2      0.5 m x 4 m                                        180 W                            6012-8171053
T2QuickNet-2.5             2.5 m2   0.5 m x 5 m                                        225 W                            6012-8171054
T2QuickNet-3.0             3 m2      0.5 m x 6 m                                        275 W                            6012-8171055
T2QuickNet-3.5             3.5 m2   0.5 m x 7 m                                        320 W                            6012-8171056
T2QuickNet-4.               0 4 m2   0.5 m x 8 m                                        360 W                            6012-8171057
T2QuickNet-4.5             4.5 m2   0.5 m x 9 m                                        405 W                            6012-8171058
T2QuickNet-5.0             5 m2      0.5 m x 10 m                                      450 W                            6012-8171059
T2QuickNet-6.0             6 m2      0.5 m x 12 m                                      545 W                            6012-8171060
T2QuickNet-7.0             7 m2      0.5 m x 14 m                                      630 W                            6012-8171061
T2QuickNet-8.0             8 m2      0.5 m x 16 m                                      725 W                            6012-8171062
T2QuickNet-9.0             9 m2      0.5 m x 18 m                                      800 W                            6012-8171063
T2QuickNet-10.0           10 m2    0.5 m x 20 m                                      915 W                            034118-000
T2QuickNet-12.0           12 m2    0.5 m x 24 m                                      1100 W                          6012-8171072


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Raychem T2 Quicknet 90    T2 Quicknet



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